Our Sustainability

At Limi Thomas it is or mission to embed, encourage and adapt sustainable practices in our day-to-day operations. We have set out own targets to evolve into a fully sustainable business model, which we constantly strive to achieve.

As a young and growing company focused on creating high-quality jewellery, optimising every aspect of our activities contributing to the bigger environmental goals of our society is our key priority. Our first step towards this goal has been achieved as all our manufacturers are RESPONSIBLE JEWELLERY COUNCIL CERTIFIED

Our Future Targets

• Convert to recyclable packaging
• Use of recycled raw materials where possible
• Increase our support for children’s education.

Our Brand Promise

At Limi Thomas, jewellery is a commodity, an asset – it is timeless. It doesn’t tire with trends or expire at the turn of each new vogue. Neither is it suited to one special occasion, one grand unveiling before being retired to a box for safe keeping. This is the jewellery of life – pieces to accompany both the most extraordinary, and - the most ordinary of our days.

Our brand is a medium through which more people can own luxury fine and semi-fine jewellery, pieces that are intrinsically entwined with the promise of craftsmanship, first-class quality and ageless design.

It’s your inclusive invite to own something exceptional.