Our Premium Materials

Made to be worn, not worn out.

18k Gold Vermeil
At Limi Thomas, we are proud to only put our stamp on the premium materials we know will last. We source 18ct gold vermeil, using at least 2.5 microns to layer each chain, hoop, and link. It means your jewellery will be five times thicker, and therefore five times more robust than it would be if we used standard gold plating.

925 Sterling Silver
Before being wrapped in gold, each of our pieces is first created in Sterling silver. We only use the finest quality of 925 silver as our base metal, Assay assured and hallmarked to confirm a premium purity of 92.5%.

Semi-Precious Stones
Our semi-precious stones are hand selected by experienced craftspeople. Each stone is natural and sustainably sourced from different regions around the world.

Cubic Zirconia 
We use only the highest quality cubic zirconia, set beautifully into our pieces to create a showstopping sparkle. You’ll wear all the glamour and style of diamonds, without the premium price tag.

Baroque Pearl
The natural freshwater pearls used in our jewellery are sustainably grown. We have carefully chosen Baroque pearls over others because each iridescent sphere is uniquely shaped and coloured. No two are the same, as individual as our customers.

Handmade modern classics, using sustainably sourced premium natural materials, designed to stand the test of time.

Our Care Guide

How should I best care for Limi Thomas Gold Vermeil jewellery?

We advise you to remove our 18ct gold vermeil jewellery when you are in contact with water for longer periods of time, for example when swimming and bathing. You should also avoid applying creams, perfumes and other liquids whilst wearing our jewellery, and keep the pieces away from extreme heat, humidity or sunlight.

This will help to protect the vermeil from tarnishing or discolouration.

What is the best way to clean Limi Thomas Gold Vermeil pieces?

To keep your Limi Thomas jewellery looking as shiny and new as when you bought it, we advise cleaning our pieces with a jewellery polishing cloth and to rub in one direction. Using other cloths and tissues could cause scratching to the metal.

To clean semi-precious stones and pearls, we advise a clean, soft and damp cloth to bring back their natural shine after wearing.

How can I prevent my Limi Thomas 18ct Gold Vermeil jewellery from tarnishing?

Tarnishing happens because of a chemical reaction when certain substances come into contact with precious metals. This is not unusual for silver and vermeil pieces, and there are simple ways to help avoid tarnishing.

Alongside the before mentioned care instructions, you should also avoid storing Limi Thomas jewellery in non-airtight packaging over a long period time. Our pieces are made to be worn and set to last.